Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter Anxiety

This article from the New York Times has given me serious anxiety. It's just after midnight and I can't sleep thinking about this article I just read. I hadn't thought that much into the 7th book of Harry Potter. Had you? I was, however, planning on going to the super-duper bash that the BYU bookstore is throwing just hours before its release. And then when I've acquired the book and had a couple hours rest, I'm going to put on show after show for my children to watch while I inhale the final book. And then I'll probably vomit my disappointment or glee all over my blog. So, if you don't want a spoiler, READ FAST.

1 comment:

Joey! said...

what an article to read! I just hope it's not a cliche ending... mine is being delivered to the condo - so let's hope I'm there to get it!


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