Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm going home today!

I'm ecstatic to be going home today to the comfort of my own bed, shower, toilet, etc. Yesterday Danny, the kids, and Grandma W. came to visit me and baby Ham at the hospital. The kids were so excited for me to open my belated Mother's Day gifts. Pookie asked me, "Can I have some fruit snacks?" I said, "Um, I don't have fruit snacks. I have cookies." I thought he was talking about my cafeteria tray goods. He said, "No, in your present." hehe. So I said to Danny with a knowing look, "Oh, am I getting a gift of fruit snacks?" Danny quickly ushered Pookie over to him and whispered reprimandingly in his ear. As I opened my first gift, Pookie said, "They're fruit snacks stuck in a nut box." Huh? My first gift was a HUGE bag of Smokehouse Almonds stuffed into a fruit snack box. I didn't know they had bags of Smokehouse Almonds-- just cans. Pookie then said, "Why did the commissary mess up? Where's the fruit snacks?" So Danny explained to him that we already ate those fruit snacks and we were just using the box to hold the present. This bothered him. I offered to share my almonds. He still wanted fruit snacks.

He's been such a good boy through this whole bedrest/hospitalization process. I may just buy him his own box of fruit snacks as a thank you gift. Why not? I give thank you cards and gifts to others, why not my Pookie?

For G I was thinking of bringing home some NICU bottles for her dolls and either making or acquiring a dolly-size sling for her. She's really excited to have a new baby brother and I know she'll follow me around being a "little mommy."

But what about Bun? I don't know yet what I'll do for him. He finally welcomed me back into his heart yesterday. Usually he would come to the hospital and give me that look that says, "So there you are. I've been wondering about you Mommy. Why have you abandoned me?" And then proceed to withhold love and cuddles. But yesterday he climbed up on my bed and hugged and cuddled me and said, "I wuv you." Maybe it was the french fries from my tray that won him over.

And I can't really blog what I can do for Grandma W. because she can read and knows how to get online. But what a blessing she has been for our little family. So if you have ideas, email them to me at frozenwonderland(at)yahoo(dot)com.

For those of you that are having Kiddie Kwip withdrawals read this post by Sarah at Mormon Mommy Wars.

Now I'm going to head down to the NICU and see how my baby Ham is doing. Stay tuned for pictures!


Myfriendconnie said...

I'm glad you're going home. Does the baby get to go to?

Whenever I have been in the hospital for preterm labor, the youngest always eyes me suspiciously in the hospital bed and refuses to snuggle up to me. I guess they really do feel abandoned. Everything soon returns to normal, though, and they return to being a snuggle-pot-a-pus.

Leslie said...

I'm so glad to hear you get to go home today - what a good thing. Hopefully the baby will get to go with you soon.

Susan said...

Oh, home! When we are stuck there, we want to leave, when we leave, we long for it. I love that you are calling the baby Ham. That is so fun. I'm so glad that everything is going well. Can't wait for pictures!

lizbit said...

Yay! finally going home! Any idea when Ham can come home too? I love you all!


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