Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The results are in. How well did you do?

1. d. 12 kids.

2. b. a writer, concert pianist, and professional lawnmower.

3. d. 9 lbs.

4. a. grocery store cashier

5. A trick question. I did go into shock when I hit the water after jumping off the cliff. It was really, really cold water. But I wasn’t near death. I did think I was going to die from the pain of labor though.

6. d. my dentist-- and he deserved it. He was pulling my upper wisdom teeth and really yanking on them and accidentally slipped and jabbed me in the tongue. Faster than I realized I backhanded him in the face.

7. All were actual put-downs. But the worst was c. 23 years old from the music department professor, “What do you know about music?! You have no right coming in here for a music scholarship . . .” Long sad story about how a person of power was able to make me doubt myself for several years and give up teaching piano. I had taught piano since I was fifteen.

8. b. China Light CafĂ©. Mmm . . . Much better than Lee’s Chinese food—ick.

9. c. Claustrophobia. Though Dad and Danny would argue “a.” as well. But I looked up the definition of arachnophobia and it said, “an abnormal fear of spiders.” I think I have a “normal” fear of spiders.

10. d. play XBOX without getting motion sickness. Mostly true. I can play one game called Hexic. But all these other run-around-and-get-‘em games make me very motion sick.


lizbit said...

happy birthday! (ok, I'm one day late . . . still, a birthday should last all week, right?)

jvjw said...

I loved the quiz and answers - I actually knew many of the answers, a couple were real surprises - sorry about the put downs! Keep smiling and have a really great year.


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