Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a record-breaking day!

1. This is my 150th post on my blog. I can't believe 150 already!

2. I ate three mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches today. Glut.

3. This morning at 8 a.m. my article The Pros and Cons to Having a Yard Sale made front page for Associated Content. That's my third article to make front page. Alas, it was only there until about noon. But it was there!

4. Bun said "bacon" today-- we cooked bacon. I wasn't really craving bacon. I really wanted pancakes. But I wanted pancakes cooked in bacon grease and I was all out of bacon grease. My bacon grease article (click here) was the second article to make front page with Associated Content. (It was the day after my first article made front page. And it actually lasted a whole day on the front page.)

5. And what could be more exciting than that? It's 68° Fahrenheit! We have been watching our neighbors today washing their cars, walking their dogs, jogging with their baby strollers. Pookie commented, "Mommy, see that truck across the street. Someone needs to take it to the carwash so it can have a bath." Now it is.

6. And the finale, Danny actually got home from work within fifteen minutes from when he's supposed to get off! So now we're going to the playground for a Family Home Evening about moving our bodies.


gurrbonzo said...

You are an associated content guru! I love hearing about your kids. You kill me.

Renee said...

Good for you. You have the best posts on your blog. I just love to read it. I may need to get some more info on mass meal preparation. I love the idea!!!

Pop said...

The part about eating the ice cream sandwiches is an inherited weakness, you know from who and that's not me. You guys seam to be thawing out with that warm temperatures. Have fun and don't get sunburnt.

lizbit said...

congrats on the associated content success! you're amazing. Also, the excitement over spring is mutual. Yay! Outside is fun again!

MaryRuth said...

Nikki I loved your bacon grease article! I know this lame but I've never really thought about keeping the grease and cooking with it.

Will you come visit me and teach me all you domestic goddessness!?!


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