Friday, January 19, 2007

Maybe I tell my children too much.

For the past week Pookie and I have had (on a daily basis) a conversation that goes like this:

Pookie *while spinning one arm around rapidly: Mommy! Look what I’m doing!

Me (trying to inject a little enthusiasm even though I know where this is going): Yep, you’re spinning really fast like a windmill.

Pookie: Is Neptune really, really, windy?

Me: Yep, I think so.

Pookie: But why is Pluto a dwarf planet now?

Me: Because the people in charge decided so.

Pookie: Who are the people in charge?

Me: The people that decide on planets and space stuff. They’re in charge.

Pookie: Oh.

And he returns to spinning or becomes a shooting star at that point running fast from one end of the living room to the front door and back again.


OHANA said...

You gotta love the deep thoughts of Children, it's good to know other kids think the same as my kids...well we don't think much about planets yet...

Amy said...

That is too cute. Gotta love those sponge brains. :)


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