Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday

1. Danny took all three kids to Pookie’s appointment. Bun needed to go for his flu shot and G didn’t want to be left out.
2. Pookie doesn’t like being licked on the nose by a G-kitty when he (Pookie) is in time out.
3. I won’t be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve this year. Yaaa!
4. The can of pumpkin on the kitchen counter has been talking to me all week, “Make me into a pumpkin roll!”
5. Yesterday I decided I’d try “just one” of the cookies my friend Denay baked and brought over. Apparently I can’t count on Wednesdays five days before Christmas.
6. Last night Bun discovered he could reach the candy canes on the Christmas tree if he leaned way over the gate. He brought me the first one in anticipation of me opening it. I reached over to the tree (from where I was sitting on the couch) and put it back on. He brought me the second candy cane with eager anticipation of me opening it. I returned it to the tree as well. But with the third candy cane, he looked at me and then ran the opposite direction.
7. Coleslaw left in the fridge too long will walk out on its own.
8. Pookie and G think their assigned colors are their favorite colors. They have assigned colors usually just for water cups so I don’t have to wash them after every little sip and know whose is whose. Pookie is red since that IS his favorite color, G is green, and Bun is blue.
9. G was very upset when I made Chinese Almond Cookies with red food dye on top instead of green. She thought all the cookies would go to Pookie.
10. If you ask three young children if they would be willing to be cookie tasters, they take their job very seriously.
11. Missionaries will eat anything, and seconds too.
12. Keeping a large red sharpie in a desk drawer that does NOT have a lock on it is NOT a good idea. Pookie and G have tattooed themselves.
13. Tonight when Danny is leading his fellow missileers in a morale boosting activity (playing XBOX for 5 hours), I will be folding eleventy-billion loads of laundry.


lizbit said...

I miss you guys! Your kids are hilarious. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I love that you can recognize the humor in what we go through as moms! Someday I will see the humor in this time that I have spent scrubbing the carpets, furniture, and bedding to remove the, um, the stomach contents that erupted from both ends of my children this week...

OHANA said...

I do thoroughly enjoy the thoughts, I find myself thinking the same things.


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