Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pookieville update

Pookie spent the last few days in his pajamas recovering from a very icky cold. Yesterday he came downstairs after using the bathroom and had his footed-sleeper pajamas only zipped up to his underwear and his right arm was not in the sleeve yet exposing his chest. He said to me very sincerely, "Mommy, do I look like a Nephite?"
Yesterday while the boys were still napping, G, the potato-chip-aholic, found a cereal bowl in the child-proof cupboard and filled it to the brim with the potato chips that Danny had left on the table at lunch yesterday. When I went to take the bag away, she said, "But I neeeed tato tips!" I said, "I know G. I know," and let her keep the contents of the bowl. While G is hardly tipping the scales at 24 1/2 pounds and nearly three years old, I've decided that I need to be a better example and prevent junk food from entering our house.
Pookie, after being reprimanded for spazzing out while we tried to gather everyone for scriptures said, "Sometimes, I just need to be a boy."
This morning at about 9:30 a.m., which is late for breakfast in our home, I set out three bowls of oatmeal for the kids complete with brown sugar and milk and spoons. I put Bun in his highchair and when I turned around, Pookie and G were standing there very eagerly looking on. Pookie said, "May we be invited to the table now for dinner?" I have to remind him daily that different meals have different names. I think he thinks I'm joking though. They were so good at breakfast that I took the opportunity to teach them some table manners that we hadn't gone over yet. I taught them to sit up straight, tilt their heads down just a little, but don't lean way over the bowl, and make sure the bowl is directly in front of them. I also taught them that it's not good manners to put your elbows on the table. Pookie was pleased with this new instruction. I often forget how eager they are to learn and to please.
Bun, who was sitting in his highchair for bedtime snack, had reached his patience-quota. He started signing, "Please" wildly with both hands while opening his mouth saying, "AAAAAAAHHHHH!" He was letting us know in no uncertain terms he was ready for a bite of food.
Pookie seems to be feeling a little better today. G is still very taxed from her pneumonia. Bun has been coughing a lot but they (the coughs) sound productive. He (Bun) hasn't been pulling on his ear either. They're all very cuddly when sick and they sleep a lot, which is a very good thing. Today they simultaneously napped 3 hours.


Susan said...

Oh my goodness! That is something that you are going through! I hope everyone gets better soon and I hope that you rested while they rested. Remember to take care of yourself as well. If it is like here, Mom's do not get sick days!

Leslie said...

That is great they are feeling a little better today. I was awakened at 5am myself to the sound of Christian puking and thus my day began. And great job on teaching manners. I need to work on teaching my kids that more too.

OHANA said...

Table manners, we are still working on that one. We've gotten to the point where we will atleast fold our arms BEFORE attacking the food at hand. And that was a big one. I love the cuddly sick babies.

Mrs Morty said...

Man, everyone sleeping for three hours durring the day, thats ALMOST worth having everyong sick.

Leslie said...

Those pics are so cute!!! I love the Nephite one especially.


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