Friday, September 01, 2006

Goodbye Mae

Sadly, we had to give Mae up for adoption. She was the sweetest-tempered kitten I have ever met. But Mae caused Bun and me (Nikki) to break out in rashes and have ear, nose, and throat problems. G also started to present with symptoms. We’re allergic. I knew I was allergic to cats but thought I had outgrown the allergy. When Danny and I lived with his Mom & Dad for a month or two, I had no problem sharing the house with their cat. Of course, Kinney is the coolest, fluffiest, non-allergenic, laid-back, mouser cat there ever was (or is rather).

And then of course, I’ve visited many families with cats and had no problem. But living with a feline is another story. And if I was the only one who suffered I may have seriously considered lifelong medication, strict bathing (for the kitty- you know I personally bathe at least monthly), and very stringent vacuuming. We even bought special allergy shampoo for Mae.

Wednesday morning when I picked up Bun from his room in the morning, and looked into his puffy Bun-Bun eyes, and rashy face, and boogery nose, I knew it had to be done. This allergy to cats was causing my amiable Bun to be unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Yesterday, Thursday, August 31, 2006, we took Mae back to the vet clinic where we adopted her and handed her over with many, many tears. Our little neighbor Ben was with us and even he held her one last time and said, “I love you kitty.” G, Pookie, and Bun held her and said goodbye. There were murmurings of, “Bye Mae-kitty,” and “I love you Mae,” or “I love you, kitty.”

Luckily Kim, a nurse who works at the clinic, adopted her. Kim wanted Mae when she was there before I adopted her. Kim promised me that Mae would be in very good hands. Kim said she’d spoil her rotten and let her sleep in her bed with her and go everywhere with her.

I think we may have gotten a few digital pictures of her. I’ll have Danny check when he gets home so we can blog her memory.

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Pop said...

Sad but maybe it was for the best especially when a few of you are allergic. How sad. Well it means more hugs and love for June.


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