Sunday, June 18, 2006

For Papa

Papa says “I love you” with plenty of seaweed and rice, pork skins, specialized homemade videos and DVDs, and Fry-fries from McDonalds. He lets us draw pictures with chalk on the driveway and sidewalk, drip ice cream cones, popsicles and rice on Po-doggy, and inspect his ear hair (Papa’s). Papa shares his computer, plays “Couch Potato” with us, and lets us watch Sprout and Rubbadubbers as many times as we like. If Mommy puts us in timeout and forgets we’re there, Papa will rescue us. Papa shows us how to garden and lets us throw rocks outside. Papa brings home big paper from work to share with us. Papa gave us a field trip at his B-Y-ooh! work and shared spiral thingies and pretzel snacks with us. Papa took us to the Firemen’s Breakfast, showed us the fire trucks, and shared his hash browns with us. Papa doesn’t get mad when we color on the French doors. Papa rescues us from spiders and naps. Papa lets us call him anytime day or night and always listens. We love our Papa. Happy Papa’s Day!

Pookie, G, and Bun-Bun the Great!

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