Friday, January 13, 2006

Random acts of fun during a Frozen North Winter.

Grandma W. suggested shaving cream as an alternative to finger paint. It has been hugely successful with Pookie and G. One 84-cent can of shaving cream can go a very long way--especially on upholstered furniture. Thank goodness for microfiber stain-resistant couches. We monitor their art a little closer now and listen for incessant giggling.

The picture of Bun in his carseat with the "Bundle Me" lining was taken around Thanksgiving. The one with him sucking his thumb was taken closer to Christmas.

As for the picture of Pookie and G sweeping in the kitchen, I don't recall this incident. Danny must've taken the picture. But it must be around this last Christmas (2005).

1 comment:

OHANA said...

they are soo cute when they are helping, even more when they do it it together. I love all the pictures, its so crazy to watch them grow through pictures!!


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