Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Furry red monsters talk to me at night.

Pookie hasn’t talked to Elmo all day. So, now as I sit here trying to blog, Elmo keeps saying, “Elmo wants to play, Pookie. Squeeze Elmo’s hand, Pookie. Let’s play another game, Pookie.” Then when I figured Elmo had it out of his system and that he gave up on Pookie, he goes on! It's pretty freaky to hear Elmo talking in the middle of the night too. It's always like, "Whoa! What was that?!" My heart is then beating pretty fast because he just woke me up. And then I think, Stupid Elmo. Why'd you have to wake me up? But Elmo is so popular with Pookie and G. So I won't evict him.

No more talking toys, okay Grandma? Just kidding! Like I said, Pookie and G love him.


Leslie said...

That is so funny! Anna would probably love having Elmo around to talk to her. Plus, I'd rather have Elmo talking than hear screams for more water.

piglet26 said...

ummm...creepy...haven't you seen the movie chucky?!? I would double check out that elmo

Terminator said...

I have come from the future to terminate Elmo. Aaarrggghhh! Too red and fluffy...can not compute...must retreat. I'LL BE BACK.


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