Sunday, December 04, 2005

A little update.

No new pictures right now. It's very cold here right now. I think there's a draft coming from the window nearest the computer. I feel like I'm sitting inside the refrigerator. It's only negative 2 outside but with windchill (and the Frozen North is very windy) it's negative 20! I don't plan on leaving my house. Good thing I have at least two weeks of meals in my freezer. I plan to write up a really extensive OAMC (Once a Month Cooking) shopping list. The next day the temperature is above ZERO and Danny is home to watch the kids, I'm going shopping and loading up for a good long time (like until the Spring thaw).

I just updated our 72-hour kits. Bun's kit had size 1 diapers in it. I decided instead of putting his current size 3 diapers in it, I just put size 4 (which is G's size). I'd probably forget to update it anyway for a while and not know what to do with a bunch of too-small diapers. Save them for baby number four? And as far as car emergency kits go (which is very important in the land of severe weather) even canned food can freeze. So, I'm thinking of adding more packages of peanut butter and cheddar crackers instead of canned chicken (or ham) and crackers dinners. All the water froze too.

Pookie has informed us that he is not Pookie anymore. "My name is _____! I'm a big boy now!" He also told me he does not need his little tray for his booster seat and that "I'm a big boy! I sit at the table!" But I slipped "Pookie" in several times today talking to him and he didn't catch it. I refuse to let go of the Pookie in him. He's still my baby.

Pookie got best patient of the day at the dentist recently and received a coupon for a free Kid's Meal at Applebees. He was more excited about the dinky plastic pinwheel prize that came with his good citizenship.

Our very ticklish Bun laughs and giggles and just today discovered he can hold onto his feet. He had a real good time playing with and talking to his toes today. He's the main attraction in primary (at church). I play the piano and he gets passed around. Today I bore my testimony in church and he thought it was a good idea to spit up all over me while I was at the pulpit. But you know, at least he did it with a smile. That's our Bun. He's so cheerful. What a blessing he is!

Miss G is getting near potty-training. If she's wet or poopy, she will remove all her clothing and take off her diaper if she feels she's waited long enough. She's also got quite a blossoming imagination. I hear her telling stories to her monkeys when she should be napping. Today she scolded Danny for laying down on her pillow. She counted, "1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . Daddy!" Which reminds me. . . when we were playing the piano a couple days ago she sang along happily, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13!" I was shocked. I didn't know she could count that high. Danny said, "Oh yeah. I've heard her count to ten. She knows her alphabet too." Could he have told me so I could have written it in her baby book? G doesn't growl "stop it" anymore when people tell her she's cute. Now she usually growls, "za big n furry pider climbed up za wata spout," in a toddler/French accent. She of course does the actions. I think people don't expect a big growly voice to come out of little G.


Leslie said...

You are living in Siberia at the North Pole - there is no way it can be that cold in America, ha ha! And I thought it was bad here at 27 degrees.

I think Elijah must be a Pugh in disguise because he has our puking gene anyway. But at least he was smiling when he spit up on you, unlike Christian when he pukes.

Anonymous said...

Mom W says thanks for the cheerful updates. I miss my grandbabies, reading about their escapades warms my heart. We are also updating our 72-hour kits...glad we don't have to worry about the very low temperature problem! You all take care of yourselves!


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