Saturday, December 10, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Far, far, away on Frozen Northern plains,
Our little family still remains
Four more years, four more years, four more years,
then we can start thawing.
Two thousand nine looks really good,

two thousand nine looks really good!

Sweet are the pleas from Nikki and Dan . . .
Message of mercy to Uncle Sam
Please send us back, please send us back, please send us back
to the central coast.
Vandenberg was much more warm,

and mosquitoes did rarely swarm!

The duckies are now in high demand.
My blog is no longer getting spammed.
Sew and scrapbook, sew and scrapbook, sew and scrapbook
And make babies. . .
That’s all to do in the Frozen North,

that’s all to do in Fro-zen North!


piglet26 said...

ha ha ha I like your song too. I made the toffee and it crumbled.

Leslie said...

I think that cold weather has given your brain frostbite, hee hee.

Dan said...

Ooh, it makes me feel all cold and fuzzy inside.


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