Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fall Festival fort and Bun on quilt

I know this is a really dark picture. But it is Pookie and Gabbers in the fort at the Fall Festival. Pookie had no idea what the gun was. The lady taking the pictures was trying to get him to hold it. He was just so excited to be in a fort.

Another picture of Bun on the quilt at 8 1/2 weeks.


piglet26 said...

I can only suspect that this is really not a simple fall festival, but a youth training facility for future secret agents. Have you been watching too much alias? Dont you understand the severe consequences children will face after having been subjected to warfare training at such an early age?


Leslie said...

Hmm, that's a picture Troy probably would love (because of that huge gun!). So funny!

NINA said...

Nikki Great pictures. I love seeing how big they are getting. Little Elijah is so sweet.


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